Alumni Council

Alumni Council

Call for 2014 Nominations

Nominations for positions on the University of Melbourne Alumni Council will soon be open, so be sure to get involved and have a lasting impact on how alumni influence, innovate and inspire the future of the university. For more information on the 2014 elections, how to nominate or to express your interest please contact the Alumni Relations team at

Background and Membership

In 2011 the University of Melbourne established a new Alumni Council through Statute 3.1 - Alumni Council: The University of Melbourne.

The Alumni Council reports to the University Council and consists of 13 members who represent the many cultural, academic and professional attributes of your international alumni community. Six members are elected by alumni, two representatives of the University serve on the Council as non-voting members and the remaining members are recommended by the Vice-Chancellor and appointed by the University Council.


By drawing on the expertise of its members, the Council will:

  • Support institutional excellence at the University
  • Enable greater communication between the University and alumni
  • Develop and implement outreach activities that support University of Melbourne students; and
  • Encourage among alumni a culture of giving to the University


We would like to welcome Dr Sarah Ellis who has recently joined.

Sarah Ellis Dr Sarah Ellis – BSc(Hons) (1982), MSc (1987), PhD (2011)

Dr Sarah Ellis is a cancer researcher at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia's largest comprehensive cancer hospital. She is a faculty member of the Cancer Immunology Program and is head of the Microscopy and Histology Core Facility, a world-class facility that underpins a multitude of cancer research projects. Her passion for understanding cancer has underpinned her career choices. As head of the Microscopy and Histology core facility, Dr Ellis enjoys pushing technology to its limits and designing new protocols to address questions pivotal to her research. Dr Ellis' focus is to discover therapeutic targets to combat cancer and/or improve longevity of patients suffering from cancer.

As a member of the Alumni Council, Dr Ellis will strive to develop a stronger link between Alumni and the University of Melbourne through mentoring programs, Alumni events and engagement with the Faculties.

Current Membership of the Alumni Council

Meetings and Activities


Monday 3 February
Saturday 8 February
Monday 7 April
Monday 2 June
Monday 4 August
Monday 6 October
Monday 1 December

Contacting the Council

Members of the Alumni Council can be contacted through the Alumni Relations Team on +61 3 8344 1751 or

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