Alumni Council

Alumni Council

Background and Membership

In 2011 the University of Melbourne established a new Alumni Council through Statute 3.1 - Alumni Council: The University of Melbourne.

The Alumni Council reports to the University Council and consists of 12 members who represent the many cultural, academic and professional attributes of your international alumni community. Six members are elected by alumni, two representatives of the University serve on the Council as non-voting members and the remaining members are recommended by the Vice-Chancellor and appointed by the University Council.


By drawing on the expertise of its members, the Council will:

  • Support institutional excellence at the University
  • Enable greater communication between the University and alumni
  • Develop and implement outreach activities that support University of Melbourne students; and
  • Encourage among alumni a culture of giving to the University

Current Membership of the Alumni Council

Meetings and Activities


Monday 2 February
Saturday 28 February 
Monday 13 April
Monday 1 June
Monday 3 August
Monday 5 October 
Monday 7 December

Contacting the Council

Members of the Alumni Council can be contacted through the Alumni Relations Team on +61 3 8344 1751 or

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